Non-Profit Strategy and Board Effectiveness

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Non-Profit Strategy and Board Effectiveness



 Non-Profit Organization


Client Need: Client Need: A non-profit needed to refocus and operate as a mission driven organization and develop an effective funding model. Improve the overall effectiveness of the board and organization.

Approach and Solutions: Partnered with Board, CEO, employees and stakeholders at large to understand the needs of the client population. Through a series of workshops with the client, developed a strategy that clearly articulated the outcomes they were aiming for, an action plan outlining how they were going to accomplish short and long term goals and a supporting funding model. Conducted an assessment of the organization, board and its practices and develop new ways of working, new operating structure and board governance model.


1. Achieved greater social impact by increasing reach by 20% and delivering the services addressing the most critical human needs
2. Strengthen their role in the community and exceeded targeted funding
3. Clearly defined roles both at the leadership and board level enable faster and effective decision making



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