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Our expertise is helping our clients achieve new levels of performance. We work with you and your management teams to create winning strategies, develop the right strategic capabilities and strengthen your individual brands to increase corporate value.  We leverage your expertise and combine it with our experience, ideas and proven approaches to deliver results-oriented solutions. The following is an overview of our services:

Identify the optimal strategic options and build a solid strategic and financial plan.


What We Offer:

  • Competitive Position Analysis – Discover critical information about your markets, competitors, and your business to create a realistic perspective about your place in the marketplace today and in the future.
  • Future End-Game Analysis – Formulate viable alternatives, test their validity and potential returns, and, with clarity and confidence, make choices to maximize the potential of the business.
  • Strategic Agenda Articulation – Craft the final vision for the future of the organization, develop the key strategic themes, and create the roadmap to enable achievement of that vision.
  • Action Planning – Set priorities, identify and structure key initiatives/cross-functional dependencies, determine required resources, and build timetables with milestones and KPIs to assure the strategy is translating into measurable results.
  • Financial Planning – Align budgets and financial targets with strategy and measure actual to expected results.

Translate Strategy into reality by integrating the key elements, methods, and mechanisms for successful execution. Depending on our clients needs, we will provide additional solutions and services such as interim management to enable the execution of initiatives and achievement of desired results.


What We Offer:

  • Strategy Communications Plan – Develop the necessary messages, materials, and communication plan to ensure on-going alignment and buy-in across all internal and external stakeholder groups.
  • Leadership and Organization Alignment – Develop and deliver leadership strategy alignment workshops, design organizational structures and create efficient and sustainable ways of working to improve the overall organizational system.
  • Business Scorecard – Build framework to analyze and monitor company performance and actively manage project portfolio, especially cross-functional initiatives, to ensure they have the necessary focus and resources.
  • Talent Scorecard – Build a talent scorecard that aligns people responsibility, performance metrics and rewards to the strategy.
  • Governance – Develop the appropriate strategy and management governance to sustain alignment and ensure the organization is fully exploiting opportunities, managing risks and driving performance.


Increase the value of the organization by building a leadership brand and a leadership team that embodies the promises the enterprise makes to its customers.


What We Offer:

  • Leadership Brand Analysis – Gain insights on internal and external leadership brand to discover critical gaps between perception and reality, and impact on realization of strategy and goals.
  • Leadership Brand Statement – Develop the leadership mission, value proposition, and aspirational leadership brand.
  • Leadership Brand DNA – Identify and map the leadership requirements for successful attainment of leadership vision as it relates to strategic mission.
  • Leadership Brand Roadmap & Plan – Create a leadership brand development plan with key initiatives, SWOT analysis, and action plan for attainment of leadership objectives.
  • Leadership Brand Management and Coaching – On-going support in executing the key initiatives to achieve your company leadership brand as well as 1-on-1 coaching services for your personal brand.


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